Ulrich Merkel

Hello, my name is Ulrich Merkel

I am a (Frontend) Web Developer

What i do

I build fancy and fast websites

I am a web developer with a deeply understanding of design and ux. I love creating code and design that push the boundries of what the web can do. For me this means make it work for everyone on every device, pursue performance on each step and focus on solving problems with the right tools. With this in mind i create functional, beautiful and accessable websites. I believe that friendship, trust and loyalty are important values (of a team and in personal) - and these values are important to succeed and to push things forward. Every interest and new idea is welcomed and celebrated, there should be no barriers in thinking because learning on the go should be involved in every step in this fast moving development role.

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Some things i am able to do

  • Developing

    Frontend and backend web development with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP

  • Frontend optimisation

    Frontend optimisation for performance, search engines and mobile as well as test automation

  • Design and UX

    Find creative solutions for user interfaces and fancy designs

  • Support and consulting

    Helping you to get things done right, with the appropriate tools you need